Siteswap : How does it work?

What does all these numbers mean and how to use them. (by JiBe, with Baptiste and proofreading from TMFP, Matt Hall, Daniel Thompson)

Siteswap : The triangle notation

A little tool to visualize et validate siteswap sequences (by JiBe)

Siteswap : the List of The Mad French Posse

The whole list of the siteswaps already done by The Mad French Posse (by Priam)

Siteswap : DSSS, the first diabolo siteswap simulator

DSSS is a Flash animated simulator for diabolo siteswaps, playable online (by Priam)

Siteswap : Causal Diagram Generator for diabolo passing

This is a generator of causal diagram very useful to explain diabolo passing patterns (by Priam)